I am finding more people coming in with vexing problems that cause them to be miserable, and me to scratch my head wondering what could be going on. I have read a lot of journals, listened to many webinars and podcasts, and gone to conferences to expand my knowledge. I’ve also contracted with some new labs to be able to offer tests that are not commonly available. I’m finding many of these things quite helpful for my patients, and hope I can help even more of you.

For those of you worried about heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, we can do specialized testing to look at your risk and to find the best treatments. Blood tests through Health Diagnostics Labs, Quest Labs Cardio IQ and the Atherotec Labs (VAP) can tell us if your high cholesterol is a problem, or if you have a problem even though your cholesterol is low. We can look at how your individual genetics impact your risk, several different inflammatory markers, and how well your body is processing sugars. In addition, we can do a CIMT, which is a specialized type of sonogram, to see how likely you are to have stroke or heart attack in the near future.

When it comes to treatment to prevent that heart attack or stroke, we can discuss not only which medications may help, but also other ways such as diet and exercise. There is a wealth of information out there on what types of diets are best for preventing not only heart attacks and stroke, but also diabetes, cancer and autoimmune disorders. What foods are most likely to make your irritable bowel syndrome or fibromyalgia worse, and what is the best way to eat to treat acne. Unfortunately, we don’t have really good studies proving certain foods can prevent cancer etc, but we are starting to get some good ideas of what a good, healthy preventative diet looks like. I especially enjoy working with patients eating a low carb diet, paleo or primal diet.

I see many patients who feel sick and tired. For those we can do testing for adrenal fatigue, sophisticated hormone testing, testing for leaky gut and SIBO through Genova Diagnostics Labs. Treatment may include supplements, but also discussions about sleep, stress reduction, meditation, and specific exercises. Of course, diet plays and important role in this also.

This is just a smattering of the options available to you here at my office. If you suffer from, or are worried about any of these issues, give us a call!

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